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Criminal Law

Rights Preserved

Aggravated Assault - Private warrant accusations related to custody exchange gone wrong. 2nd Amendment rights preserved after trial victory.

Charges Dismissed

Domestic Violence - Out of state professional charged with Domestic Violence after a brief romance, all charges dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

Domestic Violence - Wife of former MLB player accused of Domestic Violence after a call recorded by 911.

Charges Dismissed

State vs CP - Well-known local celebrity was accused and charges were ultimately dismissed.

Charges Dropped

Domestic Violence - Victim in abusive relationship is further victimized by having to defend herself against multiple wrongful accusations brought by abusive ex. All charges dropped.

Charges Dismissed

Domestic Violence - Documented immigrant threatened with deportation due to Domestic Violence Charges brought by ex. All charges dismissed.

Charges Dismissed

Aggravated Assault - Foreign resident graduate student in medical field accused of Felony Aggravated Assault and Misdemeanor Battery. Complex langue and cultural issues. All charges dismissed, professional accreditation preserved, was able to freely travel to multiple international destinations during pendency of case.

Charges Dropped

In Re AD and MP - Cross-defendants charged in both State and Superior Court for mutual combat. Aggravated Assault, Battery, Simple Battery, Criminal Destruction of Property. Federal Security Clearance preserved, all charges dropped.

Charges Dismissed

Domestic Violence - Foreign graduate student with medical security clearance accused of Domestic Violence in part due to cultural/language difficulties. All Felony and Misdemeanor Charges dismissed. Travel between the Far East and America facilitated.

Some Of Our Results

Personal Injury

$5 Million

Assault & Kidnapping - After litigating her case, a crime victim was awarded $5,000,000 in Cobb County as a result of the assault and kidnapping she endured.


Tric Accident - Settlement for the passenger in the sleeping compartment of a semi-truck whose driver caused the wreck that injured him.


DUI Accident - Clients were the driver and passenger in an accident caused by a DUI driver. Both clients received a confidential recovery for their injuries.


Distracted Driver - Policy limits settlement for driver injured by distracted driver. Client was hit by a texting driver. Received a policy limits settlement as a result of accident.

$1.5 Million

Burn Injury - State record settlement of $1,500,000 for student severely burned during a high school science experiment. Despite government immunity law protecting the school and its officials from responsibility, a record setting immunity settlement was obtained for this injury.


Auto Accident - Settlement for the victim of auto accident with a commercial vehicle. After another driver struck his vehicle, client received serious injuries requiring surgery. He received a settlement of $350,000 after the accident based on the legal representation of Douglas Chanco.


Auto Accident - Policy limits settlement for victim of auto accident. After another driver struck his vehicle, client received serious injuries but did not require surgery. He received a policy limits settlement of $250,000 after the accident based on the legal representation of Douglas Chanco.


Truck Accident - Settlement for a child hit by a truck when the driver decided to take a shortcut through a residential neighborhood. The child survived the hit and run injury, but required significant medical care and surgeries.

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